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Person welding the hull of a ship with text to the right that reads, The More They Walk, the More It Costs. ArcReach technology adds productivity, quality and safety to shipyards. Learn More.
A person welding a pipe with text to the right that reads: Faster, Better Pipe Welds. The Pipeworx 400 welding system: more productivity and quality. Learn More.
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Miller 188博金宝亚洲体育
 Education and Training Systems. Recruit, screen, train, re-qualify and manage your welders. Learn More.
Person welding wearing Miller branded welding safety gear with text to the right that reads: Workplace Injuries Hurt Your Entire Operation. Avoid them with solutions that increase safety and productivity. Learn More.
Induction heatpipes with text to the right that reads: Induction Heating: For More Than Pipes. It can heat flat plate steel too - learn how. Learn More.

Build Better Ships. Build a Better Business.

Shipbuilding is a competitive, challenge-filled business. To be profitable, you need maximum productivity, quality and safety. Miller, Bernard and Hobart help you achieve your goals. Integrated welding systems, MIG Guns and filler metals include efficient, ship-specific solutions that deliver benefits not found in competing products. Get more work done with better quality in a safer environment — and produce a superior ship for your customer.

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Wireless Foot Controls Can Benefit Productivity, Quality in TIG 188博金宝亚洲体育

Wireless foot controls can help improve operator comfort when TIG welding, leading to better quality and productivity. The lack of control cords also reduces clutter on the shop floor for greater safety.
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Addressing the Welder Shortage with Technology

There are welding technologies and solutions that can help companies find and train skilled welders faster — and make it easier for welders to complete high-quality welds once they are on the job.
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Remote Control 188博金宝亚洲体育 Technology Offers Benefits for Productivity Quality and Safety

Remote control technology provides welding operators with the ability to set welding parameters at the joint, increasing safety by reducing trips to and from the power source, and increasing arc-on time for greater productivity. This technology also helps improve quality by eliminating the need to settle for less-than-optimal settings.
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Meet the Demanding Requirements of 188博金宝亚洲体育 P91 Pipe With Advanced Wire Processes

Quality is critical in demanding, high-pressure applications that utilize P91 pipe. Contractors must meet stringent quality standards, while also addressing the increasing expectation that projects be completed faster — even as the welding industry faces a shortage of skilled labor. Carefully controlling heat input and choosing the right filler metals is important when welding P91 pipe. In additio...
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Full Remote Control at the Weld Joint Can Improve Productivity, Safety

Advancements in remote control technology provide full control of weld settings at the joint, reducing downtime to walk to the power source and ensuring operators don't have to settle for less-than-optimal parameters. The result is a safer, more productive job site and better weld quality.
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7 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a 188博金宝亚洲体育 Information Management Solution

188博金宝亚洲体育 information management solutions can help companies address pain points by offering effective training, increasing productivity, reducing costs, enforcing proper weld sequence and preventing missed welds — among other benefits. Before making the investment, however, it is important to ask some key questions to ensure the best results.
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Solutions for Gaining Production Efficiency in Pipe 188博金宝亚洲体育

Evolving technologies provide opportunities to increase productivity and maximize efficiency in pipe welding operations. These solutions include more productive advanced welding processes, filler metals formulated to better meet specific needs and welding equipment designed for ease of use and improved productivity.
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The Latest 188博金宝亚洲体育 188博金宝注册 Can Save Time and Money

Consider the benefits for productivity, weld quality and cost savings that new welding processes and technologies can provide.
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Next Generation 188博金宝亚洲体育 Helmets Offer Benefits for Operator Comfort and Productivity

Having the best possible helmet for the job can reduce workplace injuries and discomfort — and allows an operator to weld for longer.
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Accessing the Advantages of Remote Control 188博金宝亚洲体育 Technology

Efficiency, safety and profitability are important to any company, but especially to a welding operation. In addition to general best practices and welding operator training, there are equipment advancements that can help meet quality and production goals, while also helping keep welding operators safer on the job. Remote control welding technology is one of those advancements.
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How to Reduce 188博金宝亚洲体育 Troubleshooting With Suitcase Wire Feeder Technology

With advancements in wire feeding, welding operations can spend less time and money troubleshooting problems like bird-nesting.
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Investing in Advanced 188博金宝亚洲体育 188博金宝注册 Can Boost Productivity and Efficiency

There are advanced welding technologies that can improve productivity, quality and safety, all while offering simple setup and ease of use for operators. Some of the advanced features available include point-of-use control, push-button welding parameter adjustment up to 200 feet away from the power source, and advanced welding processes that make it easier for operators to achieve code-quality...
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Do's and Don'ts of 188博金宝亚洲体育 Information Management Systems: Tips for Gaining the Best Results

188博金宝亚洲体育 information management systems offer real-time data help companies ensure the use of proper welding parameters, augment training and make it easier to benchmark continuous improvement efforts. To gain the optimal results when using these systems, companies should consider some important do's and don'ts for implementing them.
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PipeWorx 400 188博金宝亚洲体育 System Improves Manufacturer’s Productivity 50 Percent

A switch to Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD®) helped Sigma Thermal increase productivity while maintaining high weld quality.
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Lean Manufacturing Techniques Produce Fat Returns for Todd Pacific Shipyards

As part of company's effort to adopt "5s" lean manufacturing principles, Todd Pacific Shipyard took stock of its welding technology and traded older, larger, and inefficient welding equipment for compact, efficient new inverters and wire feeders from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. As a result, it has saved space, energy and rework time.
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Ability to Send 188博金宝亚洲体育 Parameter Commands through the Weld Cable Eliminates Costly Control Cables, Wasted Time in Construction, Shipbuilding

New ArcReach welding technology sends voltage setting commands through the weld cable and eliminates the need for an extra control cable.
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6 Tips for Better GTAW Results

From proper base material identification and cleaning to selecting the right tungsten, taking precautions to prevent distortion and more, there are several tips to consider to gain the highest quality GTAW weld. Plus, knowing some best practices can help minimize costly downtime and rework.
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Proper Shielding Gas Coverage Is Key to Success in GTAW

Proper shielding gas coverage is critical to achieving high-quality results in GTAW applications.
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Switch to Modified Short-Circuit MIG (RMD®) to Significantly Improve 188博金宝亚洲体育 Productivity

188博金宝亚洲体育 plays a significant role in the timely completion of deadline-driven construction projects — both pre-fabrication in the shop and installation on the jobsite. Making the switch from traditional welding processes to a modified short-circuit MIG process such as Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD) from Miller provides improved puddle control and significant productivity gains in many shop and...
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Multi-Operator XMT® 350 Inverter Racks, SuitCase™ Wire Feeders Save Big Money at Dakota Creek Shipyard

By switching to multi-operator, multi-process inverter racks and suitcase-style wire feeders from Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Dakota Creek Industries substantially lowered labor costs associated with switching welding leads and reduced the strain on its workforce.
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Aluminum 188博金宝亚洲体育 Made Easier with the Right System, Filler Metal

Whether used in one of many manufacturing or fabrication industries or by a home hobbyist, aluminum remains an in-demand material for welding applications. The main reason is that it offers high strength and corrosion resistance, even at thin gauges, making it desirable in uses where lighter weight is a requirement.
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Apex Steel Saves up to Two Hours Per Welder Every Day With Remote Control Technology

Finding ways to save time in the welding operation while still meeting quality demands is critical to productivity, scheduling and the bottom line for Apex Steel. The structural steel contractor completes many projects in the strong Seattle-area market, where stringent D1.8 structural welding codes are the norm. To increase productivity, maintain consistent arc quality and improve safety, Apex...
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Shipbuilder Improves Quality Productivity with TIG Welders

Louisiana-based shipbuilder relies on the Dynasty® 400 TIG welders to meet customer deadlines and quality demands.
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Georgia Machine Shop Triples Deposition Rate with Submerged Arc System and Metal-Cored Wire

Seeking greater productivity and efficiency, especially on larger weld build-up jobs that could take days or even weeks to complete, Capital City Machine Shop knew it needed a new submerged arc welding (SAW) solution. Capital City’s investment in two SubArc AC/DC 1000 Digital welding power sources, coupled with a switch to Hobart® metal-cored wire, resulted in productivity increases of 240 percent...
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New Advanced Aluminum 188博金宝亚洲体育 System Spurs Production on Bollinger Shipyard's U.S. Coast Guard Fast Response Cutter (FRC) Contract

Before any of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Fast Response Cutter (FRC) patrol boats hit open water, they begin their journey up 60 miles of waterway through Bayou Lafourche in Lockport, La. That’s where Bollinger Shipyards builds the Coast Guard’s newest vessel for conducting search and rescue, drug and illegal immigrant interdiction, homeland security and mainland defense.
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How to TIG Weld Aluminum, Plus MIG Weld, With One Multiprocess Welder

The Dynasty® 280 DX Multiprocess welder provides portability and ultimate versatility to weld many different materials.
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Out Back Aluminum 188博金宝亚洲体育 Relies on Versatility of Miller Dynasty 280 DX

188博金宝亚洲体育 is a family passion for Garry and Darryll Euler. Garry remembers learning the trade from his father when he was just 13. Now, Garry runs Out Back Aluminum 188博金宝亚洲体育 with his son, Darryll.
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Solutions for 188博金宝亚洲体育 in Hard-to-Reach or Confined Spaces

Learn about technologies that help improve operator safety and comfort, productivity and weld quality when welding in tight or hard-to-reach spaces.
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New 188博金宝亚洲体育 Processes, 188博金宝注册 and Retraining Help Address Labor Shortage

Learn how to increase productivity of the welding operation through new technology and advanced processes.
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Shipyards Gain a Competitive Advantage with Point-of-Use 188博金宝亚洲体育 Control

Shipyards are being asked to provide lower costs and meet increasing quality requirements while also delivering vessels on tighter schedules. Technology is one solution to help them meet these customer demands. In the shipbuilding welding operation, point-of-use controls can save up to an hour or more every day — per welding operator. The resulting savings translate into a quick return on investme...
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Game-Changing 188博金宝亚洲体育 188博金宝注册 Stop You From Wasting Hours Every Day

When welding operators must stop welding to walk to the power source to make adjustments this lost time adds up, totaling significant labor costs that could be better spent on value-added tasks. This productivity loss is especially painful for operations that already struggle to find skilled labor. These stops and starts can also impact weld quality and operator safety.
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Turning 188博金宝亚洲体育 Data into Dollars

A welding information management solution can measure and track performance metrics to improve productivity and quality — making an overall positive impact on your bottom line. Accurate, real-time data collection and analysis can provide a benchmark for measuring the impact of improvements, and the right technology helps you turn that data into dollars.
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Improving Productivity in Submerged Arc 188博金宝亚洲体育 Applications

By increasing travel speeds, reducing weld passes and minimizing arc-off activities, it is possible to improve productivity in the submerged arc welding (SAW) process. Joint design, polarity, torch configuration and flux/wire selection also play a critical role in helping companies get ahead.
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Advantages of Cored Wire in Submerged Arc 188博金宝亚洲体育 Applications

Understanding the important roles of the flux and wires can help companies realize the full potential of the submerged arc welding (SAW) process.
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Bollinger Shipyards Maximizes Portability of 188博金宝亚洲体育 188博金宝亚洲体育 By Using SuitCase™ 8VS™ Wire Feeders

Miller's SuitCase™ 8VS™ ultra-portable wire feeder is 25 percent smaller and lighter than other portable feeders, and its high-impact polymer case resists damage from abuse and corrosion. Improved portability for freedom of movement and a durable design that eliminates feeder breakdowns, allowing Bollinger to complete projects on time every time.
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Aluminum Jet Boat Manufacturer Turns to Pulsed MIG to Keep Boat Production at Full Throttle

Smoky Mountain Jet Boats is known as a top-line manufacturer of aluminum jet boats that thrill riders in water as shallow as 4 inches. The boats are made to Coast Guard specs but wouldn't be profitable or even possible without Pulsed MIG welding.
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Ingalls Shipbuilding Stays on the Leading Edge of 188博金宝亚洲体育 Quality, Productivity and Safety with Point-of-Use Control 188博金宝亚洲体育 System

Miller's Dimension NT 450 ArcReach / SuitCase X-TREME ArcReach helps Ingalls Shipbuilding keep voltage and amperage control at the weld and eliminate costly control cables while increasing productivity and safety.
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Easily Achieve Targeted Preheat Temperatures on Moving Parts using Induction Heating from Miller

The Miller ProHeat™ rolling inductor heating system is a simple and cost-effective heating process.

Stop Wasting Time and Money in Field 188博金宝亚洲体育 Operations

ArcReach® technology minimizes time spent walking to the power source to make changes, maximizing arc-on time, quality and safety.

Eliminate Lead Swaps to Save Time in Pipe 188博金宝亚洲体育

Save time and money in pipe welding applications with the XMT® 350 FieldPro™ system with Polarity Reversing.

Syncrowave® 300 and 400 TIG 188博金宝亚洲体育 Power Sources

Outdated equipment holds your operation back. Get current with Miller® Syncrowave® 300 and 400 TIG welding power sources!

Get Current: New Syncrowave® TIG 188博金宝亚洲体育 Power Sources

Get current with a new Miller® Syncrowave® machine. Reduce training time and expenses; get more productivity and better welds.

Miller Preheating Technology for Roll-Welded Pipe Increases Quality, Productivity and Safety

Gaining consistency in preheating rolled pipe, or flat plate or seam welds, without the hassle and hazards of open flames, increases safety and efficiency.

G.G. Schmitt Reduces Rework by 10% With Dynasty Welders

With the marine industry booming, see how hardware manufacturer G.G. Schmitt & Sons reduces rework and cuts welding time.

Miller Dynasty TIG 188博金宝亚洲体育 Power Sources: No Compromises

Miller Dynasty TIG welding power sources have versatile operating parameters for strong, precise, beautiful welds.

LiveArc System Helps Company Recruit, Train Employees to Produce Quality Welds

ALMACO chose to implement LiveArc™ welding performance system into its operations as a training tool.

ArcReach 188博金宝亚洲体育 Technology Offers Benefits for Safety, Productivity and Quality

ArcReach remote control technology provides operators with the ability to set welding parameters at joint, and increases arc-on time for greater productivity.

Jetline Seam Trackers Simplify 188博金宝亚洲体育 and Improve Quality

See the Jetline® Tactile Seam Tracker system in action as it consistently positions the weld head for optimal arc performance.

UA Local 67 Trains New Pressure Welders with Miller's CST 280

Brian and Steve discuss the union's efforts to train a new generation of pressure welders in the face of a growing nuclear industry in Canada.

Hollywood Hot Rods Loves Miller Weld-Mask for 188博金宝亚洲体育 in Real World Applications

Troy Ladd and team at Hollywood Hot Rods rely on the new Miller® Weld-Mask™ auto-darkening goggles for welding in tight spaces.

188博金宝亚洲体育 Process Change Makes Manufacturer More Competitive

A welding process conversion to Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD®) helps Sigma Thermal stay ahead of the competition.

Miller TIG Welders Deliver Best Arc for Manufacturer

Fort Defiance Industries manufactures critical medical devices for the U.S. military with the help of Miller Dynasty® machines.

Control your heat input with innovative Miller SubArc solution

With the Miller SubArc Digital Series, both CV and CV+C weld modes come standard on the SubArc Digital Interface.

Improve Mechanical Properties with DC and AC SubArc 188博金宝亚洲体育

Use Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC) variables to tailor submerged arc welding to gain better joint penetration and reduce heat input.

Miller XMT ArcReach System − Remote Control Power Source Without a Cord

Miller’s XMT® ArcReach™ System allows you to remotely adjust parameters at the wire feeder without the need for a control cord.

Dimension NT 450 with ArcReach System Stands up to Shipbuilding 188博金宝亚洲体育 Challenges

Ingalls Shipbuilding discusses the benefits of the Dimension 450 NT w/ WCC from Miller and the requirements for daily work in its shipyard on the Gulf Coast.

Miller XMT ArcReach Offerings Improve Jobsite Productivity, Quality and Safety

Miller enhanced select models in the XMT 450 ArcReach multiprocess welder line-up to improve productivity, quality and safety.

Dynasty 280 and Weldcraft Torch Provide Versatility for Aluminum Boat Repairs

Out Back Aluminum 188博金宝亚洲体育 relies on the Dynasty 280 DX TIG/Stick welder to gain flexibility and portability for TIG welding on boats — in the shop or at the marina.

AugmentedArc: the Industry's Most Realistic 188博金宝亚洲体育 Simulator System

AugmentedArc Augmented Reality 188博金宝亚洲体育 System from Miller is the industry’s most realistic welding simulator system, closely resembling live-arc welding.

How to Replace Your MDX™ MIG Gun’s Handle, Switch and Neck

Learn how to replace the handle, switch or neck on your MDX-100 or MDX-250 MIG gun.

How to Change Consumables on Your MDX™ MIG Gun

Learn how to change the nozzle, contact tip, gas diffuser or liner on your MDX-100 or MDX-250 MIG gun.

How to Calibrate the CO Monitor on Your BreatheAir System

Learn how to calibrate the CO monitor on your Miller® BreatheAir™ portable box or panel with these step-by-step instructions.

How to Change the Filters on Your BreatheAir System

Learn how to change the filters on your Miller® BreatheAir™ portable box or panel with these fast and easy instructions.

Miller LiveArc Reality-Based 188博金宝亚洲体育 Training System Provides Fast, Accurate, Cost-Effective Results

The LiveArc 188博金宝亚洲体育 Performance Management System is an advanced welding trainer that combines simulator and live arc welding benefits.

ZoneFlow Fume Extraction Technology: Wide Fume Capture Zone

Get a weld fume capture zone that’s up to three times larger than traditional fume extraction systems.

Weld-Mask 2 Provides Versatile Solution for 188博金宝亚洲体育 Safety

188博金宝亚洲体育 in confined spaces is no easy task. The lightweight Weld-Mask™ 2 can make the job a little easier — and safer.

Using Your Miller Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)

Learn how to properly use and maintain your PAPR system stay compliant and keep it in good condition.

Using Your Miller Supplied Air Respirator (SAR)

Learn how to properly use and maintain your SAR system to stay compliant keep it in good condition.

Allied Marine CST 280 Stick 188博金宝亚洲体育

The Miller CST 280 inverter racks offer a powerful, rugged, portable solution that keeps their business competitive.

Dynasty 400 Gives Metal Shark Boats Highest Weld Quality

Quality is a driving force behind Metal Shark Boats and the Dynasty® 400 TIG welders provide them with the best weld quality welds - the first time around.

K-zell Metals and the AlumaFeed Synergic Aluminum 188博金宝亚洲体育 System

K-zell Metals relies on Miller's AlumaFeed Synergic System for welding aluminum components. Benefits are excellent arc starts and aesthetics.

Smoky Mountain Jet Boat Built with Pulsed MIG Technology

Jet Boats is building aluminum in the mountain woods, using Miller's latest Pulsed MIG technology to ride the wave of boat orders.

Fort Defiance Industries Relies on Miller Dynasty Machines

The Miller® Dynasty® machines used by Fort Defiance Industries provide capabilities for a dynamic manufacturing environment.

Metal Shark Boats Gain Productivity with Dynasty 400

The extra amperage from the Dynasty 400 TIG welders help Metal Shark improve productivity by eliminating time for preheat on thicker aluminum.

Miller's Aluminum 188博金宝亚洲体育 System Helps Metal Shark Aluminum Boats

Metal Shark increased efficiency, doubled production and cut welding time in half by using Miller's aluminum welding system.

Deposition Rates for Exterran Nearly Double with Miller RMD Process

Exterran recently completely standardized its Brittmoore pipe shop in Houston to the Miller PipeWorx 400 welding system.

Bollinger Shipyards and Advanced Pulsed MIG 188博金宝亚洲体育 on Aluminum

Bollinger Shipyards improves productivity and simplifies aluminum welding on patrol boats with Miller's advanced AlumaFeed™ Synergic Aluminum.

Gain the Best Submerged Arc 188博金宝亚洲体育 Performance with the Right Flux

Hobart fluxes do more than protect the weld — they are formulated to meet your exact submerged arc welding needs.  

Optimize Results with Multiple Torch Configurations for Submerged Arc 188博金宝亚洲体育 System

Multiple torch configurations for a Submerged Arc welding system provide flexibility to best optimize results for your operation.

How to Set Up Your Miller Dynasty 280 DX Multiprocess Welder

Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up your Dynasty 280 DX Multiprocess using an ArcReach SuitCase 12 feeder.

Efficient and Easy-to-Use Miller PipeWorx 350 FieldPro System Impresses Mechanical Contractor

Using the Miller PipeWorx 350 FieldPro™ System, mechanical contractor Modern Piping Inc. noticed the quality welds received when Stick and TIG welding.

Topp's Mechanical: Induction Heating

Miller visits with Topp's Mechanical to discuss their use of Miller's induction heating technology in the ProHeat 35.

Miller Induction Heating - How it Works

This introduction to induction heating in welding applications will explain how it works and what it is.

Miller Dynasty 280 DX Multiprocess Weld Without Limits

AC/DC TIG, pulsed TIG, MIG, stick, flux cored — the versatile Dynasty 280 DX Multiprocess does it all.

Syncrowave® TIG Welders: General Setup Steps

See every step needed to unbox your new Syncrowave TIG welding power source, finalize its assembly and get it ready to power on.

Syncrowave® TIG Welders: Set Processes and Parameters

See every step needed to set processes and parameters on your new Syncrowave TIG welding power source — so you can get welding!

Miller Induction Heating - Where it Works

Learn more about applications for induction heating.

Miller Induction Heating - The 188博金宝亚洲体育

Learn about Miller's options for induction heating equipment.

Miller ProHeat Induction Heating Power Source Overview

Learn more about the ProHeat induction heating power source.

Pulsing with TIG

Miller 188博金宝亚洲体育 Engineer Zack Erndt explains the benefits of using pulse when TIG welding and talks about applications where low and high pulses per second can be used.

Proper Cleaning Techniques Tied with Balance Control

Miller welding engineer explains how balance control can be adjusted based on the cleaning prior to welding. Having a clean surface allows you to increase your balance control.

Maxstar® 210 Product Overview

The Maxstar® 210 STR model provides basic functionality, the base model features HF and basic pulse, and the DX model offers ultimate adjustability.

Maxstar® 400 Product Overview

The Maxstar® 400 is a DC TIG/stick welder that can weld up to 5/8” material. It is one of the largest output welders in its class.

Dynasty® 280 Product Overview

The Dynasty® 280 is a powerful combination of capability and portability. Weighing only 52 lbs, it can weld up to 3/8" material.

Maxstar® 161 Product Overview

The Maxstar® 161 offers three models, all with a digital meter and each weighing only 13 pounds!

Maxstar® 280 Product Overview

Miller’s Maxstar® 280 is a DC TIG/stick welder rated for ¼” material in a compact, portable design.

Dynasty® 210 Product Overview

Miller’s Dynasty® 210 is a portable AC/DC TIG and stick capable power source rated for ¼” thick material.

Dynasty® 400 Product Overview

Dynasty® 400 provides pulse, balance, and frequency adjustments, AND allows for changing of waveshape and independent amp adjustment.

Miller's XMT ArcReach Improves Productivity in Shipyard 188博金宝亚洲体育

Miller's new XMT ArcReach welding system allows welders to control voltage settings at the point of use without the need for a control cable.

Miller Introduces the XMT ArcReach 188博金宝亚洲体育 System for Construction, Shipbuilding

Miller's XMT ArcReach System allows welders to control voltage settings at point of use.

Pulsed MIG 188博金宝亚洲体育 and Metal-Cored Wire Give Bell Steel Contract-Winning Edge

Ingalls Shipbuilding and the Dimension NT 450 ArcReach System

Miller's Dimension NT 450 ArcReach/SuitCase X-TREME ArcReach helps Ingalls Shipbuilding keep voltage and amperage control.

K-zell Metals Increases Productivity, Quality with Robotic 188博金宝亚洲体育

K-zell Metals added 2 pre-engineered robotic weld cells that helped increase productivity and aggressively bid work.

USA Energy Fabrication More than Triples Productivity with Miller PipeWorx

Combining Miller PipeWorx and RMD root pass with a Pipe Jammer system led to major productivity gains for USA Energy Fabrication.

Miller's AlumaFeed™ System Excels in Aluminum Shipbuilding

Bollinger Shipyards is able to simplify operation, improve productivity, improve quality, reduce distortion, and reduce bird nesting.

ProHeat™ Rolling Inductor Provides Safer Alternative to Preheating Rolled Pipe

Preheating is critical to achieve high weld quality; it eliminates moisture and reduces the opportunity for hydrogen cracking.

RMD, Pulsed MIG 188博金宝亚洲体育 and Metal Cored Wires Drive Excellence at Swartfager 188博金宝亚洲体育 , Inc.

Much of the work done by Swartfager 188博金宝亚洲体育 , Inc. involves pipe fabrication and other high-pressure applications.

Topp's Mechanical: Induction Heating and 188博金宝亚洲体育 P1 Headers

Miller visits with Topp's Mechanical to discuss their use of Miller's induction heating technology found in the ProHeat 35.

Apex Steel Saves up to Two Hours Per Welder Per Day

Remote control welding technology from Miller helps structural steel contractor Apex Steel save time and meet quality demands.