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        • 188电竞 for Cutting Tools

        • 188电竞 for Aerospace Applications

        • 188电竞 for Forming & Molding Tools

        • 188电竞 for Automotive Components

        • 188电竞 for Medical Applications

        • 188电竞 for Deco & Sport Applications

        • 188电竞 for Industrial Applications

        • 188电竞 for Racing Applications

        Welcome to Ionbond – IHI Group

        Ionbond provides thin-film coating services and operates 37 coating centers in 16 countries. Its coatings are used to improve durability, quality, functionality, efficiency and aesthetics of tools and components. Ionbond is part of the business unit of the IHI Group as well as IHI VTN for Heat treatment, IHI Bernex for CVD, CVA and CVI Equipment, IHI Hauzer Techno Coating for PVD and PACVD Equipment and IHI Machinery and Furnace Company for Heat Treatment equipment. Our portfolio includes PVD, PACVD, CVD, CVA and CVI technologies, including a broad range of DLC coatings. Please contact us for further information. We look forward to serving you.



        Ionbond is one of the largest coating service providers for hard, wear-resistant, and low friction coatings and a global leader in PVD, CVD and PACVD coating technology.

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        Statement on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

        The health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers is our number one priority. As the situation with COVID-19 evolves in the different countries and regions where Ionbond is active, we have been applying and continue to apply all recommendations and directives from local governments and from the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to do the maximum to keep people safe and to minimize the impact for our customers. Read full statement

        Extensive Worldwide Network

        Benefit from our extensive worldwide network and our wide experience in coating technology which is available from each of our service centers in Europe, North America, and Asia.


        Tribobond™ 49 - Next Generation of DLC 188电竞

        Ionbond gladly announces it has added a new hydrogen-free, droplet-free, low friction carbon based coating to its coating portfolio. The improved wear resistance and hardness of Tribobond 49, in combination with the low friction properties and smooth surface, creates a new performance and life time standard for DLC coatings.

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        Ionbond introduces Optimizer™ Plus

        Ionbond introduces Optimizer™ Plus - the latest Premium coating of the Ionbond Plus family. At the top of our product line, and in addition to Crosscut™ Plus, this new AlCrN based coating is the optimal coating for wet and dry machining at medium to high speeds for milling, hobbing and bevel gear cutting operations with temperatures reaching up to 1080°C.

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